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Digifying Healthcare one click at a time

Our mission is to provide a solution that guarantees easy access to healthcare as well as security in the area of data collection and storage, ensuring that all patients across Africa can have a unified healthcare management system that allows easy sharing of data among healthcare providers.
Our payment system will ease the completion of transactions and also generate revenue to sustain and generate revenue for our clients.

Our Vision is to use technology to create easy access to healthcare services across Africa for sharing of data among healthcare providers. Also, establishing a technology hub that fosters technological innovation, particularly in the healthcare sector.

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30+ Hospitals and Clinics since inception
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Over 1,000,000+ Patients since inception
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Aided over 10,000+ Medical professionals till date
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About Primed E-Health

Since 2018, Primed E-Health has provided end-to-end E-healthcare solutions to digitize clinics and hospitals using our user-friendly and adaptable technology called, "The Smartclinic". The Smartclinic suite of technologies provides immediate access to healthcare and telemedicine services. Our platform addresses issues with long payment lines, crowds, and protracted wait times that are common in Nigerian hospitals.

Smartclinic specializes in managing doctor visits, prescriptions, and medical billing. It also provides both online and offline access from any electronic device, offers configurable forms, monitors trends, sets off alerts, and generates reports. Allowing healthcare providers to organize their operations, track payments, cut waste, and improve the quality of care offered to their patients.

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We make it our mission to leave an impact in the Healthcare sector, by touching lives the best way we know how to.

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Our Key-Players

Esther Anammah


As an Economist with a solid grasp of business strategies, she possesses extensive expertise acquired from more than 5 years of hands-on experience in both the financial and health sectors. Throughout her professional journey, she has excelled as a business consultant, specifically focusing on healthcare solutions. What drives her forward is her unwavering motivation to foster innovation in Nigeria and Africa, particularly within the healthcare realm. It is with this fervor that she has joined this team, dedicating herself to the creation of groundbreaking healthcare solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Nigerian and African market.

Dr. Abdulhafiz Are


He is an accomplished Medical Doctor with a Doctorate degree in Health Informatics, which has equipped him with a deep understanding of the intersection between medicine and technology. Over the course of more than 10 years, he has dedicated his career to deploying e-health solutions, effectively utilising digital platforms to enhance healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Beyond his medical expertise, he is also a passionate social impact entrepreneur. His primary focus is on developing innovative ideas that not only bring about positive changes in the society but also generates sustainable profits.

Usman Ogunsola

CTO, Software Engineer

Ogunsola is a highly skilled and dedicated professional with a passion for technology. As a Software Engineer, he has demonstrated expertise in building robust and scalable web applications. A proven leader, he has successfully led development teams to deliver impactful products. His collaborative approach and effective communication skills makes him an exemplary leader of any team. Currently at Primed, he continues to drive innovation and technical excellence.

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